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New electrodes from DropSens

Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode modified with anthraquinone
Metrohm DropSens launches ref. 110AQ to the modified electrode line. These new disposable SPCEs are modified with anthraquinone as the sensing material.

They are designed for pH monitoring using differential pulse voltammetry as a detection technique.


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode modified with phenanthroline

Another modified SPCE also will appear in the Metrohm DropSens catalog, in this case with phenanthroline, that is present on the surface of the working electrode.

Ref. 110PHEN electrodes are ideal for the determination of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) at low detection potentials. These electrodes are recommended for the development of enzymatic dehydrogenase based sensors.


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