LIVE WEBINAR: “Nanoplasmonic sensing for smart biointerfaces”
Join us on March 4th at 14:00 CEST for a live presentation by Graziana Messina about her work from Università di Catania

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VIONIC powered by INTELLO: One instrument, pure discovery for all your electrochemical research

Metrohm Autolab brings you the new generation of electrochemical workstations.

VIONIC powered by INTELLO: Superior specification, Selectable Floating, Dynamic Interface, Second Sense (S2), Analog Scan


NOVA 2.1.5 new software version

About us


Since 1998 our company sells and services the laboratory instruments in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 

The best known products that we sell include: AUTOLAB potentiostats-galvanostats by Metrohm Autolab BV, potentiostats and printed electrodes by DropSens, scanning electrochemical microscopes SENSOLYTICS, devices for measuring surface tension and contact angle (tensiometers) of the THETA series and SIGMA by Biolin Scientific. , the Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett baths by KSV NIMA (Biolin Scientific). We also offer a wide range of instruments for measuring the L-SPR Insplorion surface plasmon resonance method. For all of the above companies, we are exclusive representatives in Poland, and we run an authorized warranty and post-warranty service.

We also provide a full range of accessories and materials necessary for electrochemical, tensiometric and SPR measurements.

nLab is a member of the Consultative Council at the Polish Chemical Society.

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