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WEBINAR: “Nanoplasmonic sensing...

LIVE WEBINAR: “Nanoplasmonic sensing for smart biointerfaces”
Join us on March 4th at 14:00 CEST for a live presentation by Graziana Messina about her work from Università di Catania

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The control of molecules anchoring at solid surfaces, i.e., their immobilization in the desired conformation and/or orientation, has been extensively studied because of its widespread application in the fields of biomedicine, biomaterials, biocatalysis and, in general, in the broader area of biotechnology. It is well known that biomolecules adsorption on surfaces is generally associated with a severe structural reorganization prompted by a balanced enthalpic and entropic gain and it is possible to orient the molecule at interface by handling different factors, i.e., varying the pH, functionalizing the interface, modifying the surface free energy. In this contribution, I will discuss the relevance of Nanoplasmonic Sensing to capture the specificity of molecular organization, depending on the different ways of surface functionalization in specifically anchoring/orienting the relevant biomolecules, as well as to reveal their response to external chemical stimuli (pH, molecular hybridization).

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